Monocouche Render

This type of render is applied to the exterior of buildings to provide a coloured decorative finish and provide protection to the brickwork from the elements, the render is low maintenance, has a high durable finish and is available in a range of different colours and finishes.

Ashlar Cutting Monocouch Render

Final scraped stippled finish in Earth

Final scraped stippled finish in Cream

What is Monocouche Render

Monocouche is originally a French term that means “one coat” and is now commonly used throughout Europe to distinguish between standard render applications such as sand and cement and the more modern render products currently on the market. Due to the render being a “one coat” system it can be applied either by using manual hand application or better still machine application – we are fully trained and certified in the application of Monocouche Render to provide the best possible finish.

Monocouche Render is also classed as a “through colour render” which means the render is made using white cement with coloured pigments that when mixed and applied provide the same colour throughout the whole depth of the render and not just on the surface. Due to the main base of the render being white cement this provides many different options when it comes to colour and finish of the render.

Preparation of surface with Rendaid

Monocouche render in Harrogate

Monocouche render in Harrogate

What can Monochouche Render be applied to

The render can be applied to any brick or block work providing a pre-treatment has been applied first – the pre-treatment provides a key for the render to stick to and prevents moisture being sucked into the brickwork which in turn could lead to cracks appearing in the final finish of the render.

Features and Benefits

We are fully trained in the different types of render suitable for your property and fully trained in the application of the products.

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