Our Chosen Charity

Update 02.01.2018

We are pleased to announce that last year we managed to raise £250.00 for the Yorkshire Wildlife Park Foundation. Thank you to everyone who left reviews hopefully this year we may be able to raise even more.

In 2015 we donated £2.00 for every new testimonial left on our website to The Friarage MRI Scanner Appeal.

As The Friarage MRI Scanner Appeal was successful we now want to give a bit back to the Yorkshire Wildlife Park Foundation by donating £5.00 for every new testimonal you leave.

Yorkshire Wildlife Park Foundation

A Better World for Wild Animals

Yorkshire Wildlife Park is home to the charity, the Yorkshire Wildlife Park Foundation. The Foundation was created in 2013 to be a dynamic catalyst for inspiring people to support conservation and welfare.

In 2010 Yorkshire Wildlife Park rescued 13 lions from a run down zoo in Romania by launching Lion Rescue. There were many donations of a small amounts – but it all added up to save the lions, so it was truly a people’s rescue. Yorkshire Wildlife Park Foundation aims to make a big difference, a little bit at a time…

Our Vision

Our vision is to create dynamic communities who promote, conserve and sustain the world’s biodiversity and improve animal welfare.

Our Charitable Objectives

Yorkshire Wildlife Park Foundations charitable objectives are to promote and advance the conservation and welfare of endangered wildlife both in their natural habitat and in captivity and to educate and inspire the public.

For more information please take a look at their website: Yorkshire Wildlife Park Foundation