Damp Proofing/ Penetrating damp

Damp Proofing

Is the term used for fixing rising damp in a property.

We can give a free in depth survey of your property using moisture meters and relative humidity meters, to determine where your damp is coming from and the best methods to cure the problem.

Not every damp patch in a house is down to rising damp it can be a number of different factors so a proper survey is very important to avoid unnecessary work and expense.

Tell tale signs of rising damp are bulging blown plaster work that is soft to the touch, peeling wallpaper around floor level and paint discolouration.

If rising damp is the issue then the old plaster is removed, then a new damp proof course (DPC) is injected by drilling a line of 10mm holes and injecting Kingfisher dri-wall cream into them inside and outside the property if possible. Then the wall is replastered using a 3-1 sand and cement base coat with a waterproof additive added to it Kingfisher K-X11. This is then replastered with normal plaster and you can paint it as normal.

Damp proofing in Harrogate

Damp proofing in Harrogate


We offer 10, 20 or 30 year Guarantees through the Kingfisher Approved Contractor Guarantee. If there ever was an issue with the damp returning a Kingfisher representative would visit your property and assess the work if any chemicals were at fault the work would be covered and redone free of charge.

We also offer a Protected 10, 20 or 30 year Guarantee which is the same as above but if we had stopped trading Kingfisher would send an other approved Contractor to repair the work also free of charge.

These guaranties can be very important in the re-sale of your home and something the new buyer nearly always asks for.

Penetrating Damp

This nearly always has a cause be it a broken tile on a roof, leaking down pipes, blown render, even over flowing gutters can cause this to happen.

You will notice a patch on a wall or ceiling that is always damp or mouldy no matter how much you paint it.

We will find the route cause of the problem fix it if we can or advise the best people to contact then remove the affected areas and put Newton membrane over the area to stop any moisture from returning while the wall dry's out.

The membrane is then either bonded over or drylined over and plastered allowing you to paint over in a matter of days.

The membrane has a 50 Year Product Guarantee with it.

Newton Membrane

Damp proofing a house in Ripon

Timber Treatments and Remedial work

If you have had a damp issue for a long time you may also have wet or dry rot in your floor boards and timbers, this we can advise on and fix we can also provide a 20 year guarantee if needed.

Some times the damp may tempt woodworm into your property we can also spray and kill these bugs so they spread no further into your property.

If the cause of the penetrating damp turns out to be porous brick work or stone we can spray treat your external walls with Kingfisher Extreme climate water seal to stop any problems recurring.

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